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Reasons Why You Should Consider a Good Car Air Freshener

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

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Unpleasant smells can cause discomfort while traveling—especially if you need to go on a long journey. Many people actually experience motion sickness when riding in a bad smelling vehicle. Sadly, this takes away the joy of traveling.

The easy solution to this problem is to keep your car as clean as possible and roll down your windows. However, that’s not always possible in polluted areas, or when it’s raining, or snowing. That’s why having a good car freshener is so important. In fact, there are many reasons why you'll want to have a good car air freshener and we look at them in this blog.

The Benefits of Car Fresheners

1. Eliminate Bad Odors

Eating in the car (or having had garlic for dinner and simply breathing in the car…), driving through bad smelling areas (like a newly fertilized field or polluted city), and leaving things like food wrappers and gym shoes in the car, can lead to a bad smelling car. As can a build up of dust inside the car.

While you do have to roll your windows down from time to time to get fresh air, you don’t always want them down. And, frankly, even with the windows rolled down some scents are hard to eliminate. That’s why it’s so good to have a car air freshener handy. It can overpower the other scents.

But what if you’re sensitive to scents at large? Having a strong car perfume is going to leave you dizzy. Not to worry–a resealable car freshener like Sniff Drive can be turned on and off.

When driving through a foul smelling area, simply turn on the car freshener and then, roll down the window once you get to a nice smelling area that isn’t polluted.

Another tip for keeping a nice smelling car? Clean the filters of the AC as often as possible. Not only will it help your car smell better, it will also keep the air inside the car healthier. You’ll start pumping around polluted air and bacteria if you don’t clean it regularly.

2. Keep Away “Dog Smells”

As mentioned, strong scents tend to linger–like the scent of a wet dog! Whether you take your doggy walking in a wet forest, or swimming on the beach–the scent of wet dog will fill your car. And unless you want to wash the blanket your dog sits on after each outing, using a car perfume is highly recommended.

Even if your dog isn’t wet, it tends to leave behind a smell if it rides in your car. To get rid of that scent, all you have to do is turn on the car freshener when your dog rides with you. Once the dog has left the car, roll down the windows to circulate some fresh air, then roll them up and keep the car freshener on for a couple more minutes until the car smells fresh and clean again!

3. A Car Freshener Can Work as a Disinfectant

One more significant merit of the car air freshener is its ability to eliminate airborne pathogens and bacteria. Invisible to the eye, pathogens and bacteria can cause havoc with your body.

Not every car freshener does this. Sniff Drive, for example, does not yet offer a car freshener that acts as an “air cleaner” as yet.

The car air fresheners that also help clean the air either contain real essential oils known for their antibacterial properties, or some form of disinfectant.

Is it good to breathe in a disinfectant? In the long run, probably not. But you can turn on the car freshener when you aren’t in the car and turn it off when you leave.

If you opt for one with essential oils (an all natural car air freshener), you can breathe it in so long as you aren’t allergic and so long as you switch between scents every so often (as you don’t want to so to speak overdose on the one scent) and don’t have it on all the time. It’s the same as using an essential oil diffuser.

Do these kinds of car perfumes eliminate all bacteria or pathogens? Likely not. So if you need to disinfect the car 100% you’re going to have to invest in some cleaning supplies, too.

So which is the best car freshener for this kind of purpose? We’re still investigating this which is also why we don’t offer one at the moment though we’re leaning towards a natural car air

freshener as the best alternative.

Choosing a Good Car Freshener

By now you probably know you want a car air freshener, but which is the best car freshener? You can read this blog we wrote about finding the right car freshener for your car, but to sum up the main points:

  • Choose a long lasting car air freshener

  • Choose a car freshener you can turn on and off

  • Choose a car perfume that isn’t too strong, or too weak for your or your passengers’ taste

  • Check you aren’t allergic to any of the scents/ingredients

  • Check the reviews before you buy–don’t trust that something labeled a “long- lasting car air freshener” or “luxurious car freshener” will live up to the labeling

That’s it. Go out there and find a car air freshener that works for you! You can buy car air fresheners online here.


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