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Popular Series

The Popular Series got its name because it contains some of the most popular scents! Chances are you will recognize most of them from childhood. If you’re feeling nostalgic, or want a comforting scent to soothe you while driving, the Popular Series is for you.

​Organic Can

Organic Fiber Can

Air Perfume For Car

The Popular series car perfume comes in cans with lids that can open and close. This little tidbit of information is important, because by closing the lid, you can make the scent last for longer.

The scent itself is stored in organic fibers inside the can. This is another vital detail, because even if you turn the can upside down, it won’t leak.

As for how long the scent will last, that depends on how often you open the can, the climate you live in and so forth. That makes it rather hard for us to test it. However, generally speaking, the 42 gram tin lasts for about 60 days, 34 gram lasts for about 45 days and the 29 gram one for about 30 days. Do try to close the can when parking though, particularly if it’s hot.

Available in 8 unique Variants

Fresh Lime Air Freshener
Organic Fresh Lime Air Freshener
Watermelon Car Freshener
Buy Watermelon Car Freshener
Pure Vanilla Air Freshener
Organic Pure Vanilla Air Freshener

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Perfume
Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener
Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener Online
Anti Tobacco Car Air Freshener
Anti-Tobacco Scent
Dry Sport Air Freshener
Organic Dry Sport Air Freshener
Wild Flower Spill Proof Car Perfume
Organic Wild Flower Spill Proof Car Perfume
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