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Dry Sport
Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Perfume

If you feel about flowery and sweet scents the way you feel about car sickness, then Dry Sport is the scent for you. A bit on the masculine side, it’s refreshing and packs a punch. (And we promise --it does not smell like a college gym locker. Pinkie swear.)

Unlike many other air fresheners, Sniff Drive’s scents are stored in natural (i.e. organic) fibers inside a can. Not only does it make our car fresheners spill-proof, it also means you can close and open the lid, thereby making the scents last longer. Generally speaking, a 42 g can lasts for about 60 days and a 29 g can lasts for about 30 days. Do beware climate can affect this. To prolong the life of the car perfume, close the can when the car is parked.

Dry Sport

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