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Best Luxury Car Air Freshener

Our Story

We are a team of passionate professionals who love cars. With many years of experience working in the auto industry, we realized people don’t just want cars that run nicely, but also cars that smell nice. Hence, Sniff Drive.

As we went on a journey of discovery while setting up Sniff Drive, we also learned many fascinating facts about scents. For example, did you know that some scents can improve your mood, enhance your vigilance, improve your subjective judgement and prevent frustration? 


We find this incredible! Your new car perfume/car air freshener might actually help you become a more vigilant driver and prevent you from a bout of road rage!

If you do find you’re in a better mood because of Sniff Drive, send us a note. We love praise!

If you ever have any issues, please enlighten us about those as well. We’re here to serve you. That’s ultimately our goal—making our customers’ car journeys more pleasant!


As a team, we value serving our customers and each other by being open, honest, loyal and hardworking. We enjoy what we do and we want it to be reflected in our work. We believe in quality, diversity, differentiation, creativity, people and simplicity.


To enhance the travel experience of drivers and their fellow passengers.


To reach a global audience that create memories scented by Sniff Drive.

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