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Select Series

The Select Series got its name because it contains our most luxurious scents. 

​Organic Can

Organic Fiber Can

Car Air Freshener India

The Select series car air freshener comes in cans with lids that can open and close. This little tidbit of information is important, because by closing the lid, you can make the scent last for longer.

The scent itself is stored in organic fibers inside the can. This is another vital detail, because even if you turn the can upside down, it won’t leak.

As for how long the scent will last, that depends on how often you open the can, the climate you live in and so forth. That makes it rather hard for us to test it. However, generally speaking, the 42 gram tin lasts for about 60 days, 34 gram lasts for about 45 days and the 29 gram one for about 30 days. Do try to close the can when parking though, particularly if it’s hot.

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Available in 8 unique Variants

Cherry soda or cherry pie? Your pick, but Very Cherry it is.


The sweet scent of bubble gum puts a smile on most faces. Sometimes it even has a nostalgic element to it, bringing back memories from times when you were blowing bubbles without a care in the world.

Ah, but is there any fresher scent than the scent of lime? Sweet, yet refreshing, it will leave your senses rejuvenated.

What’s more summery than water melon? Beats us. This sweet, yet refreshing scent, is the ultimate reminder of happy days in summer.

Ah, but vanilla! Is there any sweeter scent than vanilla? It’s the ultimate feel-good scent for your car. Warm, inviting and epically relaxing.

Available in 8 unique Variants

Country Rose Car Fresheners
Buy Country Rose Car Fresheners

Sweet and uplifting, the scent of Country Rose brings to mind a beautiful summer’s day and the blush of a country girl. 

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener

Nothing burns like fire and ice. Fiery Oud is a smoky scent that's both sensual and sweet, but with dark earthy and woody undertones.

Fiery Oud Car Fresheners
Fiery Oud Car Fresheners Online
Shea Butter Love Car Fresheners
Buy Shea Butter Love Car Fresheners

Gentle and soothing, with earthy notes of wood. Let the scent of Shea Butter Love ease your mind as the troubles of the day melt away.

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener

If you're looking for a wicked scent, then Wicked Musk is the way to go. Deep, dark, and earthy. Savage, yet classy. Like a wicked smile in the dark.

Wicked Musk Car Fresheners
Wicked Musk Car Fresheners Online

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener
Mystic Oud Car Fresheners
Buy Mystic Oud Car Fresheners

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener

Mysticism from the Middle East caught in a can. Dark and delicious Mystic Oud comes with notes of wood, earth, and spice. Let it spellbind you, like it has millions before you. 

Jazzy Jasmine Car Perfume
Jazzy Jasmine Car Perfume Online

The floral scent of Jazzy Jasmine is both upbeat and alluring. Tempting. Somewhat like a melody that wraps itself around your heartstrings; making you create a new drumbeat. A jazzy one.

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener
Buy Jazzy Jasmine Car Perfume
Buy Jazzy Jasmine Car Perfume Online

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener

The floral scent of Jazzy Jasmine is alluring. Tempting. It has a beat of its own; its own rhythm; its own music. Let the scent envelop you and carry you away—like a melody in the night.

Wild Musk Car Fresheners
Wild Musk Car Fresheners Online

Sniff Drive: Fiber Car Freshener

A one of a kind animalistic yet elegant scent. Once you’ve smelled Wild Musk, you’ll never forget it. If you’re looking to go for a ride on the wild side, this is the perfect scent to accompany it.

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