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How to Make Your Car Air Freshener Last Longer

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

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No one feels great riding a car that smells like dust, old food, or wet dog. In fact, it might make you feel nauseous–especially if you’re prone to car sickness. Therefore, using an efficient car air freshener is a good idea–especially in winter or when driving in a polluted city when rolling your windows down isn’t the best choice.

A good car freshener can, in fact, improve your entire traveling experience as scent affects our mood. Believe it or not–certain scents will improve your cognitive functioning and lower your stress levels–possibly even your blood pressure.

It’s great that we can improve our traveling experience with a car air freshener, but one problem many people face is that car perfumes fade fast. Car fresheners simply don’t last very long.

Here are some easy tips to increase the lifespan of your car air freshener!

1. Don’t Take the Air Freshener Fully Out of Its Packaging

If you are using a regular car air freshener that comes in a package (i.e. a scented item wrapped in plastic that you unwrap and hang on your rearview mirror) then avoid taking off all the wrapping. Might sound a tad weird, but keep it halfway wrapped!

You may have noticed that many car fresheners are overpowering at first, then fade away almost completely within a couple of days. If you keep it half-way wrapped for the first week, or two, you get a more balanced release of the scent. You may also want to wrap the car air freshener up completely once parked, though that may be a bit of a hassle!

2. Buy a Long Lasting Car Air Freshener

There is a plethora of car air fresheners available, including automatic ones. Some automatic car fresheners have a setting you can adjust to either high, medium, or low. If you want the car freshener to last for longer, keep it on low. Of course, if you happen to drive by a dumpster you might want to temporarily adjust your settings.

Other long lasting car air fresheners aren’t automatic, but have sealable lids (such as Sniff Drive)—you can open them fully, partially, or not at all. To ensure the scent lasts, keep your car freshener partially open when driving, and seal it when you leave the car.

3. Remember to Aerate Your Car

Many people eventually start to rely on the car air freshener to overcome all unpleasant odors and forget that they need to ventilate their car. The healthiest and best air freshener in the world is clean air. Even if you have a long lasting car air freshener you want to turn it off and get fresh air as often as possible. While you might not want to roll down your windows in the middle of a polluted city, you should do so when in the countryside (unless someone just fertilized the fields…).

Of course, if you have an air conditioner, you will want to turn that on from time to time as well. And here’s another tip: clean your filters for that air conditioner regularly. Otherwise, you’re pumping around pollutants in your car!

In Closing

As you can see, it’s easy to save some bucks by making your car air freshener last longer. What’s more, by not having your air freshener omit too strong a scent, you’ll save a lot of sensitive noses from discomfort!

Looking to buy a car freshener online? Buy luxury car scent online on Amazon with Sniff Drive.


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