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How Different Scent Affects You (and Your Driving)

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Car Freshener For Car

Have you ever wondered how scents affect you? Whether or not you have, one thing is for sure: scents affect you a lot. From your mood to your level of concentration–scents have a lot to answer for!

When it comes to cars, deciding to get a car freshener becomes easy once you understand just how much scent can affect your driving.

Read on to find out more about how scents affect you and your driving.

Certain Fragrances Keep You Calm While Driving

One experiment found that the scents of vanilla and lavender affected drivers. In this experiment, a driving simulator was used and drivers got to experience “driving” with no fragrance, vanilla, and lavender. Both lavender and vanilla had a calming effect on the drivers.

In other studies, vanilla has been confirmed to be calming, as well as acting as a mood enhancer.

Another fragrance that has shown promise in lowering stress is rose–which is also believed to lower blood pressure.

Believe it or not, coffee has also been shown to have a calming effect.

The best car air fresheners we can offer for lowering your stress levels are Country Rose (one of our best luxury car air fresheners) and Pure Vanilla (part of our Popular Series).

Increase Attraction

Are you planning to take your date for a car ride? Research has found that shoppers find identical shoes 84% more attractive and worth ten pounds more if the room they view them in smells lovely. While you're not a shoe, it doesn't hurt to buy a luxury car scent online before you take your date, or significant other, for a ride in your car!

In actual fact, there are certain scents that people think make others more attractive–you can read about them in this blog, but vanilla appears to be a winner for both sexes.

Boost Productivity

One study found that the scent of lemon oil increased the productivity of people doing data entry by 54%. As productivity is linked to concentration, chances are a dose of lemon will do you a world of good while driving! And pleasant scents at large have been proven to increase vigilance during tedious tasks. We can probably all agree that vigilance is essential while driving.

We’re thinking our Fresh Lime car perfume may have a similar effect to the lemon (citrus scents at large are refreshing), but we presume we need to invest in a study to find out…

Happy and Alert

Want an instant dose of happiness with some alertness tossed into the mix? The scent of clementine has scored high for both according to a long-term study by International Flavors and Fragrances Inc.

Mood Detectors to Alter Scent in the Future

How about a mood detector that alters the scent in your car to help adjust your mood? It's believed that by 2050 this might become a reality. For now, you'll have to buy your own stack of car air fresheners and choose whichever one you need on any particular day. As you can open and close the Sniff Drive ones, you can keep several scents in your car and use the one you feel like!

We would (personally) say that the best car freshener we have for alertness is Fresh Lime. Citrus scents tend to be refreshing. As mentioned above, the best car freshener for calm would be Pure Vanilla or Country Rose and for attraction Pure Vanilla.

In Closing

Various studies have time and time again proved that scent matters. If you want to stay calm and alert, as well as vigilant while driving, be sure to make your car smell great! You can buy car fresheners online and at many gas stations and supermarkets.


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