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Exchange and Returns

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Our Exchange and Returns Policy sets out how we allow for exchange and return of Products. The Exchange and Returns Policy is part of our Terms of Use and as such is a binding legal agreement.
Any capitalised terms which are not defined in this policy, will have the same meaning as set out in the Terms of Use.

Q1: Can I exchange or return the Products?
A1: Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept exchange or returns on our products.

Q2: What happens if I receive a damaged product, wrong order or short quantity?
A2: Please contact us no later than 3 days from when you receive a damaged product, wrong order or short quantity, with a detailed description of the problem/damage, as well as your name, contact number or email and order number and any proof that you may have to support your claim (for example, an unboxing video). We will then evaluate the claim on a case by case basis and, in our sole discretion, determine how best to resolve your problem. We will communicate our decision to you within a reasonable period.

Q3: How will I get a refund if I receive a damaged product, the wrong order or a short quantity?
A3: We have a "no cash refund" policy. This means no monetary refunds will be given for a damaged product, the wrong order or a short quantity. We will issue store credit only which you can use against future purchases.

Q4: What is a store credit?

A4: A store credit is a refund given in the form of a discount coupon in the amount of the original purchase which you can use against future purchases.

Q5: How do I receive store credit?
A5: A store credit is sent to your email address. You will receive an email with a discount coupon stating the discount code which you can redeem against your next purchase on the website.

Q6: How do I redeem store credit?
A6: A fresh order has to be placed in the Sniff Drive Shop to redeem the store credit.

Q7: How long is the store credit valid for?
A7: A store credit must be redeemed within 30 days from the date of issue.

Q8: Can I use the store credit to purchase any product?
A8: Yes, you can buy a product of a lower, equal or higher value. Any balance you are owed will again be transferred to you via store credit, which is like a digital currency usable only at Sniff Drive shop.

Q9: Can I transfer a store credit refund?
A9: Yes, the store credit is transferable.

Q10: How long does a refund take?
A10: A store credit refund happens instantly once your claim is approved at our end.

Q11: What should I do if I don’t get my store credit refund in the promised time?

A11: We work quickly to make sure your store credit refund gets to you on time. If for any reason you do not get any response from us approving or declining your store credit within a period of 30 days of raising a claim, please click on the link I did not get my store credit to email us. We'll address the issue promptly.

Q12: Where do I contact for a store credit refund?
A12: Click on the Helpdesk link here/in the Support tab or using Quick Links.

Q13: Can I get a store credit for a p
roduct purchased from an independent retailer or online marketplace?
A13: We don’t issue a store credit for products purchased from an independent retailer or online marketplace. For such purchases, you will need to contact that specific independent retailer or marketplace.
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